Next Sunday

*God Calls Us to Worship                                                          Psalm 30:1-5

We Respond to God’s Call

            *Hymns         Praise to the Lord, the Almighty                                  53

                                   O Father, You Are Sovereign                                        75

            *Opening Prayer

God Speaks to Us in His Word                                                    2 Timothy 4

We Respond to God’s Word

            *Hymn          Depth of Mercy                                                     HMA 30

            Pastoral Prayer

            Offering and *Doxology                                                                    731

God Speaks to Us in the Sermon                                                  Psalm 13

We Respond to God’s Word

            *Hymn          How Long Wilt Thou Forget Me                                 641

God Gives Grace to Us in the Lord’s Supper

We Respond to God’s Grace in the Lord’s Supper

            *Hymn          Gloria Patri                                                                  735

God Speaks a Benediction to Us                                       1 Peter 5:10-11