Have you ever thought about the special task that God has given to preachers of his word?

In Colossians 1:25 Paul says that he was made a minister according to the stewardship from God. Now, we don’t really have anything quite like a steward in our society, and so we might miss some of what Paul is saying here. In the ancient world a Steward was someone who was entrusted with the care and management of someone else’s household or goods. In the case of preachers they have been entrusted with the Word of God.

When God calls a man to the ministry, He personally entrusts that man with the obligation to faithfully preach the word. This means a couple things for us. One, the preacher must not bring his own message but the message of Christ. If a man preaches his own message he has failed as a steward.

Another thing this means is that when we hear the word preached we must receive it as though it was coming from the master himself. We must believe and obey the word as it is faithfully preached as though Christ himself was the one preaching to us.

Let us thank God for the stewards He has appointed in his church and let us receive the word they bring as though it came from Christ himself.


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