What is your attitude toward the people around you who do not know the Lord?

Although Amos chapter 5 is a speech of judgment against Israel, we are also told in verse 1 that it is a lament. The prophet is lamenting because he knows he is speaking words of life but the people all around him will reject those words. Amos urges them to “Seek the LORD and live!” But he knows that they will not Seek the LORD and so they will not live. The attitude of Amos is convicting. How often do we think of the sad state of the world around us?
Creation itself is declaring the glory of God, but men and women refuse to hear the message. We are surrounded by people who are choosing death rather than life. Do we mourn for those around us who do not believe the gospel? And is there anything we are doing to help those who have rejected God? There is always one thing we can do: we can pray for them. We can pray that God will bring them to their senses, show them their end and turn them to himself. We can pray that the message of the gospel would not fall upon deaf ears but would be received by faith.

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