Have you ever noticed how our culture tries to downplay matters of eternal significance?

Our culture does not like to focus on sad or serious things. We would rather be happy and ignorant. Matters of life and death are pushed out of view. If you go to Southern California you may notice that it is very difficult to find a cemetery there. They are hidden away where no one will be reminded of death. But trying to ignore matters of life and death doesn’t mean they don’t exist and it doesn’t mean that they go away. The message of the gospel is a matter of life and death.
In Amos 5 God himself speak to us and says, “Seek Me and live.” There is a way to eternal life and it lies through God. Even more specifically we can say it lies through Christ. Jesus said, I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father but by Me.” How is it that we can find life in Christ? It is because through his death we live. That’s how important these things are. It took the death of the Son of God for us to have life. If we put our faith in Jesus Christ, through his death we will live.

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