Hi, this is Micah Renihan from Grace Reformed Baptist Church in Topsham.

Is it easier for you to see sin in your own life or in the lives of others?

When the prophet Amos spoke to the people of Israel he started by condemning the sins of the nations around them. You can almost picture the Israelites nodding their heads in agreement at his words. But then the prophet does something unexpected. He turns his attention to Israel and Judah and he pronounces the same sort of condemnation upon them as he had just pronounced upon the other nations.

This would have caught the people of Israel by surprise because they would never have thought of themselves as being as wicked as the other nations. But it was true, and Amos cleverly drew them in so that they would see their own sin more clearly.

We have the same tendency as the people of Israel. We see the sin in everyone else’s life and we are glad to hear pronouncements of judgment upon them. But the lesson of the first two chapters of Amos can’t be missed by us. We are all guilty before God for our sin. No one escapes condemnation based on any kind of status. The only escape comes through faith in the life and death of Jesus Christ. Through Christ we can receive forgiveness of sins and eternal life.

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