Hi, this is Moments is Grace with Micah Renihan from Grace Reformed Baptist Church in Topsham.

Do we take sin as seriously as God does?
At the opening of his prophecy Amos paints a picture of God as a roaring lion. Amos 1:2 says, “The LORD roars from Zion, and utters His voice from Jerusalem.” This is an image of power, strength and authority. But it is also the picture of a lion who is about to pounce on his prey. God is roaring against his people because he is full of righteous anger towards them. He has seen their sin, and the time has come for that sin to be dealt with. Because God is righteous and holy he must punish sin. It is God’s pursuit of his own holiness that causes him to come roaring against Israel.
We should have the same righteous hatred of sin that God has. And we should have the same jealousy for holiness that God has.
But we cannot separate God’s holiness from his other attributes. On the cross we see the greatest expression of God’s holiness as he poured out his wrath against the sins of men. But on that same cross we also see the greatest expression of his love and mercy because he poured out his wrath upon his own beloved Son instead of pouring it out upon on you and me.

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